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We provide professional search engine optimization services for both on-page and off-page optimization with the aim to provide better lead generation and brand exposure
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We have a range of specialists in house ready to look over your site and provide valuable rank changing feedback, not only that but we can get your website increased exposure in the right publications and for all the right reasons.
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Our SEO service is built on a foundation of white hat. We advise in on-page optimization and website improvements while building out your brand to be more link worthy
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We have a range of packages when it comes to SEO, each level represents what you maybe looking for and how competitive your industry currently is.
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Track your search engine optimization campign and keywords 24/7, we give unlimited access to your campaign so you can see every bit of movement that occurs as well as monthly reports.
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Starter SEO

Per month

Our prices start as lows
as £79.00 per month

  • On-page optimization
  • Natural link building
  • Local citations
  • Keyword Tracking
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Standard SEO

Per month

With increased exposure
and faster delivery

  • Keyword Tracking
  • White hat link building
  • Webpage optimization
  • Extended outreach
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Advanced SEO

From £299
Per month

Dedicated account management
and much more

  • Keyword tracking
  • Press releases
  • Increased link building
  • On-page and off-page optimization
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Good SEO is everything but bad SEO can have a negative impact

Tips for SEO optimizing website

To be on the safe side here are some of the techniques that you should avoid, so as a to ensure good SEO:

Using optimized anchors

A while ago many internet marketers used to use anchor texts with keywords and it worked very well. Today doing the same thing will give you a penalty. If you are new and wondering what is an optimized anchor, this is an anchor text that contains the keyword that you want to rank for.

To avoid being penalized you should avoid optimized anchors and make use of alternative anchors. For example, you should use naked URLs, branded URLs or long phrases.

Preferring quantity of links over quality

It's true that links play a major role in the ranking of your website; however, you need to be careful on how you use them. Instead of wasting your time and money in building many poor quality back links, you should work at building a few high quality links.You can easily do this by putting the link to your website on the pages of the most reputable sites on the internet.

SEO Research

Studies have shown that having many low DA backlinks doesn't increase the ranking of your site - they make it have a poor ranking. To avoid the low DA backlinks you need to avoid buying links from online vendors.

Spammy guest posting

Although, guest posting is an effective way of building links, enhancing brand awareness and building your mark as an author, you need to be careful on how you do it. As rule of thumb you should avoid spammy guest posting. This calls for you to avoid writing guest posts that are unrelated to the content on your site. You should also avoid attempting to rank for long tail keywords. SEO experts also recommend that you should avoid attempting to rank for head terms.

Keyword stuffing

It's good to note that you will be penalized when you stuff your content with long tail keywords. To avoid the penalization you should use related keywords.