4 Things to Consider when Developing a Website

4 Things to Consider when Developing a Website

Anyone can make a website today, but developing a good one is easier said than done. Providing users with a dynamic, stylish layout and simple navigation is vital for securing their custom and repeat visits – but how can you do this?

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Here are four things to think about when developing a website.

1. The Importance of Aesthetics

Never underestimate the importance of aesthetics when developing a website – domains selling even the most highly-desired products can lose customers if your visual design fails to grab them. A clean design with a bold colour scheme is key, with content clearly laid-out to aid smooth navigation. Don't be afraid to leave lots of blank space, as this makes your pages easy to scan. A cluttered look can be unprofessional, hard to read, and pff-putting.

2. Identify Flaws Before you Launch

Don't rush to launch your website – mistakes can easily be overlooked. Invest time and resources into assessing the site's functionality and architecture. Are there any loading issues, or do pages take too long to present their media? Are there any broken links? Do you have duplicate content? Pay attention to what happens underneath the design, or you can chase users away.

3. Optimize for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are quickly replacing desktop and laptop computers as a primary browsing tool. If your website is to reach as many people as possible, it must be optimised for mobile phones and tablets – failure to do this can cause major compatibility issues.

4. Provide Links to Social Media

Link your website to social media platforms. These allow users to share content from your site across their accounts, endorsing your domain and introducing it to potentially thousands of others. This is the modern equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing – which is one of the most effective tools available to grow a brand. Adding social icons to your site is quick and easy, so make this a priority when developing a website. Be sure you have social accounts set up on the biggest networks: Facebook and Twitter.

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Developing a website requires hard work and creativity, but it can be fun too. Place yourself in your customers / users' shoes, and build the site you would like to use.