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We offer a full 360 solution when it comes to helping your business succeed online
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We want to help you get the best out of your business idea, we make ourselves fully available so that we can help you expand your business idea, or help expand an existing business.
Impacting SEO Campaigns
When choosing an SEO company, you need to make sure that they are white hat, and that they have your interest at heart by using purely approved methods. Media Push does exactly that, by producing campaigns that not only raise brand awareness but get you those important leads by placing you in the positions you crave.
Responsive Developments
You need a website that is responsive, not only does this save you time and money but it also counts as a huge positive when it comes to SEO. We develop responsive website designs.
Bespoke CMS
Content management systems need to be tailored, your company talks a certain language, and your system need to fit around you, not the other way around. We work hard with our customers to get the conditiosn right so that your systems are doing exactly what you need from them.
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Our Search Engine Optimization campaigns start from as little as £99
To be truely great a tailored solution is your best choice
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Standard SEO

Per Month

Our SEO packages start at £89 per month
and go up depending on your required reach

  • On page optimization
  • Local citations
  • Link building
  • 24/7 Rank Tracking
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Web Design

One Off Payment

The price represents our starting costs for a website development

  • Custom Design
  • Content Management System
  • Web Hosting
  • Responsive Design
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Premium Dev

One Off

We can offer you the whole web development service, taking you from A to Z

  • Website Design
  • Custom CMS
  • Monthly SEO
  • Web Hosting
Free Consultation
We offer a full spectrum of services including Web Design, CMS and SEO
Ecommerce Tailored
Benefits of a tailored e-commerce system
There are plenty of ecommerce systems out there which are off the shelf, but when it comes to off the shelf, you really limit your potential reach and how you can grow. We can help you develop and tailor your online shopping experience to your vision, not someone elses
Search Engine Optimization Services
Avoid bad Search Engine Optimization choices
At Media Push we specialize in developing customized SEO campaigns to help with your brands reach while generating qualified online leads by getting you positioned in the search engines where you can see the most impact, with SEO campigns starting from as little as £89 to get you started.
Branding Your Business Website
Branding your business
If you don't have a brand for your business yet, then don't worry, we have trained professionals who are able to help with your business requirement to get your company started and off the ground a long with working with lifting current brands that need a tune up or refresh to compete in their competitive niches.
Lead Management Website
Lead management and your website
We specialize in providing strategies and campaigns to increase lead generation online for your business through your existing or new website along with providing new channels to generate qualified leads so you can directly place earnings aganist leads making your business more profitable and sustainable.
We specialize in working with new business and progressing your plans
We produce unique designs for your business to get ahead

Different businesses have different styles

There are a lot of great web designers out there, and some that are just starting out. If your one of the ones that are just starting out then you may have some trouble with web design ideas. Knowing what to design is half the battle, and creating it the other half.

There are several simple designs that you can use to switch it up on your website. Here are some of the different designs, to help you with your ideas.

The first type of layout is called a symmetrical layout, which means the layout is evenly made. All parts of the site should be the same as the other parts, thus the name symmetrical layout. You should incorporate this design with more formal and business type websites.

Everything has an opposite, and symmetrical layouts are soon followed by asymmetrical internet sites. The difference is that an asymmetrical arrangement is informal and can be used for basically any type of site that you desire.

Using it for a business site is NOT recommended because of the high-risk factor when using it for formal sites. Lastly, there is the isolate layout, a choice for more content crazy websites.

What it is, is making the logos or any image and making it smaller, thus increasing the need for more content or text. Using different types of layouts for the appropriate site is essential to the survival of any website also making your site more appealing to the consumer.
Business Web Design Styles
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We are a fully in-house service, we do all our own designs, systems and search engine optimization